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Crosscode comes to NYC to Ease IT Change & Compliance


Crosscode, Inc, an application software intelligence company that helps organizations manage software assets and streamline change, today announced that the company has opened a New York City office. They’re staffing up here to support customers and meet the growing demand from the finance, insurance, and horizontal enterprise markets for their flagship Panoptics solution.

Companies in these industries face unique IT challenges and strict regulatory requirements. They support multiple platforms, including legacy mainframe systems to contemporary distributed architectures, while managing customer expectations for increased speed and uptime. As a result, the need for easing changes such as migrations and upgrades becomes critical.

Crosscode Panoptics enables these organizations to understand and manage IT change. It identifies application interdependencies at the code level, across languages and platforms, while ensuring the highest levels of security, confidentiality, accountability, data integrity, and traceability.

“Many companies in finance and insurance are updating their technology stacks and are in various stages of digital transformation,” said Aditya Sharma, CEO, and Co-founder of Crosscode. “New York is a great place to set up shop and provide local sales and support for organizations like these in the city and region. Our Panoptics solution provides a kind of GPS to guide IT modernization efforts.”

By automatically analyzing and projecting the impact and effort estimate of every possible change, Panoptics reduces development costs, accelerates speed-to-market, and enhances system reliability. The solution enforces compliance of rules, standards, and frameworks (SPX, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) to minimize risks and vulnerabilities.

Edwin Gnichtel and Murat Köprülü will head the New York office located in SoHo, at the corner of Broadway and Howard Street.

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