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Walk this way.

It was 30 years ago the problem for Run DMC to get radio play and for Arrowsmith was how to stay relevant in an ever changing business of music.

Talk about Rick Rubin’s creativity see the link below is Washington Post article today about run DMC Aerosmith collaboration and walk this way the second link is to the original video.

This is one of the great things why America works, its ability to be creative.


90% off for 3 years of what is new? only $10

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.56.13 PM

Shark Tank will be there, will you? NYTech Day

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.03.26 PM

TechDay has grown and grown a lot. This year Shark Tank is holding auditions. Over 500 startups. Need a new job, new business partner, new vendor, or looking for new interesting investment opportunities. Go.

One trick is to see where are the crowds? Which company booth has more visitors. Numbers do matter. Law of large numbers everyone will find a good surprise.

Travels with Charlie

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.00.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.02.55 PM

Travels with Charlie. its an interesting journey, Charlie’s philosophy is simple: Be fearless and unapologetic in the fierce pursuit of your goals and be just as passionate about helping people. Charlie’s day job is discovering the new and empowering clients to accomplish their goals. Its always interesting selling services to clients who don’t have degrees in what they are buying. But Charlie doesn’t do whats easy, she does whats right. Good for her.

Charlie’s company Served Fresh Media (in partnership with Tribeca Film Festival and The Hatchery) for Innovation Day 2016, featuring visionaries behind the mind-blowing technology that will power our lives in the very near future!  
Every breakthrough is born in the imagination.

This special event (hosted by 2016 Tribeca Festival® Hub) will feature some of the most influential, provocative, and groundbreaking creative minds for an all-day summit on what happens when our wildest dreams become reality, and what that reality will be in the not-so-distant future. Experience, hands-on, the wonder and inspiration of new technologies (including artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more) as tech’s thought leaders reveal what is just beyond the horizon. The full day lineup (10:30am – 7:00PM) will include presentations, demonstrations and discussions on: 

->  Tools of Creation: Reorienting Humanity’s Identity and Aspirations
->  From Metropolis to Her — Artificial Intelligence in Film and the Real World
->  World Without Wires — the potential for truly wireless power and the impact this technology will have on the world.
->  The Final Medium: Humans in the Machine
->  The Extreme Future of Medicine: From Prediction to Longevity
->  Virtual Reality in Sports: Immersive Performance Training and Immersive Entertainment
->  Daring to Dream, presented by Sir Richard Branson
->  A Journey Into Virtual Reality — attendees will experience immersive virtual reality as a talk by the masters of virtual reality (if you haven’t experienced live virtual reality, get ready for it at Imagination Day!).
Imagination Day Tribeca Film Festival Web Page https://imaginationday.splashthat.com/

USE 50% OFF DISCOUNT CODE: TFF75 (expires April 1)

33% discount code for AFTER April 1st through the day of the event: TFF100 for 33%


You had me at Free Rent

GCT Side Logo


Charles Bonello, Matt Harrigan and their team at Grand Central Tech have an interesting solution to the start up office problem. Yes, securing office space is a problem. Easy if you want to go to conventional shared space. More difficult, time consuming and expensive should you want to secure a prime lease, i.e. your own office space. This is a skill set which very few, if any, entrepreneurs are experts.

The most interesting opportunity here is not the free rent. Its a professionally managed multi user office environment with the value add of selected companies with a higher probability of success. You know the story if you want to play better tennis then play with better tennis players. Same with whose in your shared office space. Already GCT companies have been founded by the founders of Gilt Groupe, General Assembly, Rights Flow, and Shapeways.  Altogether, the companies from our first and second classes have raised over $40 MM in funding.  

Why do they give you free rent? What’s in it for them? Well, they establish relationships with early stage companies and at some point they will need new office space. Real Estate firms spend a lot of money in marketing and advertising to secure tenants for their properties. Its usually done quickly and under pressure and it takes too much time and is expensive. Establishing a relationship with early stage companies, some of which will experience rapid growth allows for a better and longer relationship between landlord and tenant. It makes a lot of sense. The landlord puts skin in the game. Its a slow relationship building form of marketing, It’s the best kind. 

For professional service firms. Real Estate, Law, Accounting, etc. work with young companies because thats where the growth comes from. From 1 person a few days a week to many bodies working on the Microsoft account, PR firm, WE, formerly known as Waggener Edstrom Communications has grown their business as their signature client has grown. 

How well do they pick companies? Time will tell. They are smart. Experience is on their side. 

I’m curious about the journey for their initial 18 companies housed at GCT. Im also curious about what happens to the 982 companies applied and were not accepted.

Go, its time to apply.

Grand Central Tech is now accepting applications for its next class!  Housed in Facebook’s former NY Headquarters overlooking Grand Central, GCT’s goal is to provide the best start-ups with the best resources at unbeatable terms: a full year of office space, access to interns, world class mentors, legal/tax/accounting services, in house recruiters, a global network of investors and access to top corporate partners — and takes NO EQUITY and NO RENT. Applications are due by April 28, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply here. 

Bumble: SnapChat for Dating?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.21.49 AM

Bumble is a dating site which requires time sensitive action user action, usually from women who are receiving more attention than it is possible to act on. Bumble spins the responsibility for those with too many interested parties to interface with their interests to determine mutual interest. This sort of turns the dating process upside down. Is it the snapchat for dating? Online dating either you have too much or too little supply and there is no incentive to act. With Bumble if you don’t act you lose. The problem with online dating isn’t the app, it is the person. It’s not really dating. Its lacking too many senses to qualify as dating. Photos do lie. So do people’s words. Only real time in your face conversation do you have the nuances to determine real world interest.  At the end of the day you have to meet someone. That is when dating starts. Otherwise it is, can I call it, masturbatory dating? Will Bumble cause more online to offline dating activity? Time will tell.

Image from Sprout Social http://sproutsocial.com/insights/live-streaming-apps/

Image from Sprout Social http://sproutsocial.com/insights/live-streaming-apps/

Welcome to the world of Live Streaming Video. So much to watch, nothing you want to see. How will is all flush out?

I like going to events of early technology, where no one knows anything, and the surprises are always those showing up. That’s the best time to get out from behind your screen and join others.

Such is the case with self streaming broadcasting.

So many questions, so little time. Less patience.

There are two upcoming events in SiliconAlley which attempt to address and present answers, best practices.


Some questions I need answering;

Battery life and storage capacity solutions;

Sound options, wireless, wired, other.

Lenses, wider, 3d, other options

Second screen as i find looking at screen while recording invasive and an inability to react on screen or by voice and keep camera steady, steady cam anyone?

Editing, editing or will these live on as everyones own truman show? I hope not.

As square screen format is best for mobile, how to do that?

Software tools?storage tools?


[NYVM] March NYVideo Meetup News
March 24th

Hi ALL – We’ve got great presenters lined up for March 24th.  Viosk, KitSplit, and YouNow…
–>> and we have room for 1 more! (so, if you’ve got a great video startup, service, or content company…raise your hand!).
Viosk //Founder and CEO Alex Romanovich
Viosk is a new cloud-based video animation & automation platform, allowing businesses & professionals to animate content at lower cost in less time.
RSVP Here!
YouNow // Senior Product Manager Dorian Dargan
YouNow fuses the experience of broadcasting, gaming, performing and social networking, giving direct power to the people and enabling them to discover and create new kinds of interactive content in real-time.
KitSplit // Lisbeth Kaufman
KitSplit is a private rental marketplace for on-demand creative tools, like high-end cameras, drones, and virtual reality filming rigs. Called “the AirBNB of cameras” by Forbesand Fast Company, they connect companies and people who own gear with those looking to rent.
RSVP NOW! http://www.meetup.com/nyvideo/
**Event Details:
Location : 1100 Avenue of the Americas
Time: Thursday March 24th, 2016
6:30-7:00 PM Networking
7:00-8:00 PM Presentations
8:00-8:15 PM Networking
NY Video Meetup Sponsors:  HBO & Waywire.com
*Food and drinks will be provided*

BRITE16 Columbia University Day 2

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.37.19 AM

These are my notes, you can also see the videos on YouTube at LINK

Day 2: Tuesday, March 8th

8:20 am – 9:00 am – REGISTRATION and NETWORKING

9:00 am – 9:45 am – MORNING PLENARY

From Jet Engines to GIFs: Why GE Moves First

Linda Boff, Chief Marketing Officer, GE

  • GE prides itself on being an innovator in both business and marketing, and being first is part of the company’s core DNA. The digital industrial giant is relentless in its pursuit of early adoption and deliberate experimentation with all forms of marketing — emerging platforms, technology, media, and storytelling. GE’s chief marketing officer Linda Boff shares how unapologetically being out in front has paid off for the iconic brand and helped it get in front of new audiences.

Transformation from a business and a story telling point of view. GE tells great stories, I wish their culture was as feel good as their stories. House of Cards, binge watching, NO COMMERCIALS, what does a marketer deal with this. Another way of thinking about storytelling. Do Breakthrough. Tell Breakthrough stories. Great directors and Great talent. Is this sort of what Ford Motor Co. Did by sponsoring, commercial free, to undo some of the damage of Founder Henry Fords anti-Semitic Dearborn Press editorials of the 1930’s. Maybe GE is atoning for its sins. Which I feel from experience, is more cultural. Maybe they will change. It’s all a feel good thing. Great message. Little if any followup. Business as usual. I hope this lady runs GE one day. I hope sooner then later.

GE is big. They want to be human. Not to act like everything but to share one. Show humanity, show accessibility. Be first, be early, does that mean that the results of primary science no, it’s about being first on social media. Social is organic. It’s free, if those who share you stuff with others don’t get paid. It’s earned. It’s good business and it, if done properly, doesn’t affect the P(L).

Sneakers project, make GE tangible. Makes super materials. As part of sneakers. Relevant and contemporary, that is the brand challenge.

And don’t forget data and analytics, the go to corp speak word of today.

GE is moving to Boston. Good for Boston, now not so many students will go elsewhere for work. Boston has always been a great exporter of talent. Educate them and then you leave.

CMOS define where growth is coming from. Where to sell? How people are buying?

How is GE making the planet healthy?

GE transformation from media, financial and now energy, medical, etc.

Leaning into industrial side.

How to manage a story, a brand in multiple countries?

Get comfortable with who you are and get comfortable. Let’s tell your story.

CDO chief digital officer driving digital within the organization. Marketing and IT a great relationship. CDO more then just digital marketing.

Changes in marketplace how to management keep up to date. GE spends about $1B a year in continuing education for management.

Formerly product, feature and benefits now have to focus on outcomes.

9:45 am – 10:05 am – NETWORKING BREAK

10:05 am – 11:00 am – PARALLEL BREAK-OUTS 1

A Battle for Talent:

Managing Brand Reputation in an Omnichannel World

Ethan McCarty, Global Head of Brand and Employee Communication, Bloomberg LP

Roopesh Nair ’12, President & CEO, Hodes

Jean Brandolini Lamb, Head, Brand Strategy and Identity, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ripa Rashid, EVP, Center for Talent Innovation; Managing Partner, Hewlett Consulting Partners

Michel Tuan Pham, Kravis Professor of Business, Columbia Business School

  • Talent acquisition and retention is one of the key benefits of building a strong brand. With job mobility becoming a given and messaging in an omnichannel world becoming more challenging, how should brands be thinking about both their reputation and how to reach and keep great talent? This panel will examine best practices and strategies to make sure your brand stands out not just among consumers, but in the talent marketplace as well.

Omni Channel world. End of audience segmentation. Overall experience. Ending with interaction with company employee. Meaningful in person interaction.

Managing Talent, HP from branding perspective, linked to history and history of innovation, culture we are trying to build based on core values of innovation. Call for action. Acting in new digital age. Helping customers transform in a digital age.

Brand comes through life through its employees. Values and work. Systems and programs to accomplish this. Introduced culture to the company. Help managers with playbook start conversation what HP Enterprises means for them everyday.

Annual reviews introducing the values and measure with work force.

Bloomberg. Widely knows Mike, the man. Bloomberg media brand. Core product is a Bloomberg terminal and enterprise services. Technology company. Systematized one on one ,for employees, aligned editorial, into new market story, sharing with employees. Employee communication team now employee communication and branding team. Using video for what is it like to work at Bloomberg. Using YOUTube channel Inside Bloomberg. Link to apply. Turning recruiters into content marketers. Awareness, comparison. Increase effective conversation with prospective employees. Sharing on social media. Exciting place to work. 954 applicants from 3,500 subscribers and 100,000 views. Now ROI has a basis and results.

Omnichannel complexity. both much more complex but also rewarding. Employee live their journey. Define goal. Cleaning define. Hire, diversity, etc. Benefits of organization. What are personas and key messages to attract those you wish to attract. Authentic brand experience. Omnichannel talent club, tag impressions. Social, paid, etc, towards measuring the results of your goals.

Example United Health Group, define employer brand. Get to the details. Job is nothing but a product. How to think about a job as a product. Social media empowering their recruiters toward prospects and employees. Employee advocacy programs working to obtain new hires. Talent marketing organization interfacing with different part of organization. Fire Dept of NY. How to build diversity. Define diversity. What are the gaps. What talent do you need? Where do you spend time? What is value proposition.

Research benefits of diversity in an organization from a branding perspective. Companies are working towards defining brand and employment brand perspective. Tremendous opportunity. To become an employer of thoughts. Tech sector example of reactive nature, re crisis as well as proactive to complete in small talent pools. What will attract and retain employees? Pay equity and LGBT rights. That’s Salesforce. Authenticity. Working and open to change. OUT IN THE WORLD, study about LGBT friendly employees 82% more likely to buy from a company with LGBT. How far tech companies have to go towards diversity. Companies responding to these risks. Salesforce is a great example. CEO as public leader. Also Apple.

Managing brand and public information towards managing talent.

Digital, intranets, conversation much more fluid. Responsibility of employees to interact with their companies digital assets. I.e. Social media presence. If you don’t understand the business strategy, you should ask. Employees invest in company.

Home Depot, employees know what they are doing? Sometimes.

IBM social strategy, manage main channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Most effective to manage those networks as place for employees to have conversation.     IBM Voices. Ibm.com/voices. Content generated by experts. Let your nerds run free. Adds face to the corporate brand. Values as operating system.

Gather some best practices and help companies talk about them publicly.

Figure out micro conversion points.

What is your company culture. You have to understand before you can act. Best approach is to be the company you want to be. Work it out.

Bloomberg likes economics of employees sharing content with prospects.

Partnering with external organizations, i.e. Giving Tuesday, organization take on a volunteer philanthropic initiative. Enhanced employee experience and positive brand identity.

Beer, Watches, and Records:

What Can We Learn from the Revival of Craft?

Ben Blackwell, Chief Archivist, Third Man Records

John Kimmich, Head Brewer & Co-Founder, The Alchemist

Bridget Russo, Chief Marketing Officer, Shinola

Mike O’Toole, President, PJA Advertising; Host, The Unconventionals

  • Digital dominates our everyday lives, and we increasingly organize our world around the software, platforms, and devices of the world’s largest technology brands. At the same time, there is a renewed craving for brands that are small, hand-crafted, and proudly analog. We’ll hear from leaders of three such brands, and we’ll discuss the role that scale, product quality, location, and story play in reviving categories and driving fierce loyalty.

The frightful five set up to dominate our lives. Addicted to devices, but crave the small, the hand crafted. The revival of craft. Here comes analog and third dimension.

Starting in 2003 a small brew pub in Waterbury, VT. Pub destroyed by tropical storm Irene while building a production facility. Sold first beer 2 days after Irene. Heady Topper, best craft beer.  Tweet, plane ticket, customer arrives by plane from Florida to drink Heady Topper. Word spreads.

Shinola started 2012 in Detroit. Build a watch factory. Create jobs in the U.S. Worked for Bono’s fashion brand Eden in 2004, conscious fashion. Now you talk about the process.

Jack White’s record label. Third Man Records. All these bands or other artists I haven’t heard of. That shows you how old I am. Repositioned YouTube video of Carl Segan, the astronomers words, with musical background.

What is behind revival craft. Too much digital, feel disconnected in human way. People want that human experience.

Cultural rejection of this watering down of society. I.e. Wonder Bread. Giant corporations took over, dumbed down. Not for me, there is so much more to my life.

People need connection to quality to realness. The appreciation of a finely made time piece.

Is craft a fad?

Desire for quality, who makes them. Faces behind who makes it and who supplies them. Issue of quality.

Would people spend more to buy U.S. manufactured. More value made in Detroit. Made is U.S.A, is somewhat diluted.

Third Man Records also in Detroit near Shinola. Record label, merchandising. VInyl manufacturing. First new vinyl new press machines made in 35 years.WOW! DYI record label. PSI beyond his pay grade. Record sales have gone from 1mm to 14mm in annual sales. Have you bought any vinyl? Third Man Records 350 titles, 2mm pieces of vinyl. Third Man a good face for vinyl. Smaller, interesting, craft things.

Most interesting parts of industry.

Word of mouth.

THe Alchemist Heady Topper goal is to creat good jobs and compensation. Never forget the lousy jobs I had and I wouldn’t have my experience in my company. But family and lifestyle first. If work is done, only work 4 days, take the 5th day off.

Limited edition only buy in store. Lack of immediate gratification. People get upset. Buy record listen or object. Local businessman hired homeless people to wait on line to buy records from the shop at $30. Now on EBay for $500.

How big is the craft business?

These craft guys are acting like fashion guys. They each have their version of their Hermes “Birkin Bag”. How do they scale? At what point do they get so big that the craft comes apart at the seams?

Competitive Advantage is Dead: Long Live Competitive Advantage

Rita Gunther McGrath, Professor, Columbia Business School

  • The holy grail of traditional strategy was to find an attractive position in a high-growth industry and fiercely protect it with traditional entry barriers such as cost of entry. But the nature of a long-lived competitive advantage has changed, with new entry conditions, such as network effects, taking over from traditional ones. We’ll discuss the new sources of advantage and how firms should be thinking about them in a more transient society.

Think arenas, not industries.

New ways of thinking about strategies. Hard for existing.

THe new playbook for strategy

Continuous reconfiguration

Healthy disengagement

Deft resource allocation

Innovation proficiency

A discovery driven leadership mindset

Entrepreneurial career management

Always keep moving. Change is good. Repurpose resources for change. Selling safe cash flow no growth businesses, i.e. Verizon selling Yellow pages, land lines. Get out why there is still time, when there is still value.

Walkman, playing albums, battery powered, spinning media, CDs or cassettes. Sony didn’t have will but had the resources to make an iPod. But didn’t. GIve up 10% of budget and reallocate pool to what’s we feel has the most promise, what’s next.

Build innovation as a talent and a task. Not to pay lip service.

Governing, funding, metics.

You can’t manage a secret.

Work as team, no hierarchy

Tour of duty career strategy, hired for task, gig economy. Boundaries, networks much more important. We are all entrepreneurs now.

Schisbsted, separated print from digital. One of largest publishers of online classifieds in the world.

Trends in the new advantage

Increasing marketability of anything. Access to assets, not ownership of assets. Overlay of social turns these markets into experiences.

Peak stuff, we have bought as much as we need.

Influenced by others buyers and users, not so much by advertising, marketing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.37.19 AM


see periscode videos at LINK

Daniel Lubetzky
KIND cards
Real rewards, digital follow up
Celebrates person after they do KIND
KIND, build community
Connect social to business mission
Putting 2 KIND bars in the hand of KIND person
People celebrate one another
Monthly support one cause
Users can add their cause
Community votes, pledge small KIND act,
KIND people
How kind of you .com
KIND people . Com
Rewards to people who have stood out in their community

Mexican Jew, father holocaust survivor

65 products
11 sub categories

Professional accomplishments, proud but not satisfied

Ask questions, ask questions of yourself


Michael Schrage
The Innovators Hypothesis

Innovation, customers, who do you want your customers to become.

How to pose the right questions to enhance innovation.

Does US suck, yes.

Undervalued and underappreciated.

The content of the audience is the more important then the content of the talk.


He is a model guy.

Designs design fast and frugal high impact business experience to make innovation simpler safer


Revisit and realign what is it what we do to get a better return on resources

How does interaction with your brand measurable Le

I.e. change customer perceptions, behavior and expectations.

UX Transforms customers

Who do you want your customers to become?

Innovations are investment ins human capital capabilities creativity

Redesigning your customers n it just designing your products

Innovation a means to an end


Brand strategic planning UX

User experience

User centered design


Too in moment, not enough to in the future

Transaction is good, investment is bad

Brand to us to transformation

Real work examples

CHick fail A US challenge
Increase family experience call to transformation turn off your cellphones and get free dessert

Walmart do for customer for what you did for logistics

We don’t discriminate

LEGO it is still all about he brick
No it’s not, core brand for LEGO is about play
In digital world how to create new play?
Rid of old designers get new designers as play is changing
Beyond user experience in the moment re what’s trajectory of user experience in the next few years

30 minute timeline
Dominos became a tech company that happens to make pizza
Transforming user experience
Brand and user experience around technological capability

Intimacy at all have to go to bed dressed as an iPad

What Netflix transformation

Turned people into binge viewers

Transforming user expectations

How to create and manage expectations

New technology
New user expectation
New user experiences


What is customer transformation roadmap

Train teach trajectory test

Integrating incremental innovation into transformative UX

Aligning brand innovation and & UX

It’s all about. Culture

Culture has strategy for lunch, worry more about cultural

People don’t buy products they buy better versions of themselves?


The thing that got you there, throw it out, start over, that is a risk, Dominos

Modify culture in legacy organization, is hard, are you making your employees part of change process or partners? Employees feel they are value added contributors to the process. Cultural change from customer touch up, as from leadership down.

Gregg Renfrew


Innovation, better products into the marketplace.
Products which you put on your body, soaps, lotions, powders, etc.
Women, men, baby

EU banned 1400 ingredients from personal care products. US only 11.

Entrepreneur is a problem solver, where it is today, how we can do better tomorrow.

Share information

No regulation of these products, FDA isn’t keeping us safe, can’t take option on items which have hard full ingredients.

Pro commerce Pro innovation

Email to congress time for cosmetics reform

Social entrepreneurship is the wave of the future.

Mission safe products into the hands of everyone.

Direct retail model


THe digital transformation playbook

Updating your thinking and your way of leadership

Links shaft early power
Electric company changed factory for electrification

5 domains of digital transformation
Passive targets to dynamic networks
Now customer network model
How to engage customers

From products to platforms


Platform model

From silos to strategic asset

Data as source of value creation

Caesars, from loyalty program to complete view of they customer, what drives the most important people for them?

Not whales but regular repeat customer, a few times in the last few years, monitor behavior, influence

Needed innovation

Ron Johnson
Catastrophic 30% drop in sales
Ron is gone


Innovation as big bet, experimental approach is better.

Innovation by rapid experimentation
Generate ideas
Design and prototype & test
Customer response

Lower cost, faster time to market


From defending to adopt action

MET hired Sree Sreenivasen as cheif digital officer

Digital opens up new methods of storytelling

Me thinks it’s all about story telling at the end of the day.


Is Past Prologue? The History and Future of Brand Building
Shelly Lazarus, Ogilvy & Mather
Lew Frankfort, Coach
Russell DUbner, Edelman PR
Native do Etuk, YourGuru/ YG Studios

Lew Frankfort
Brand images in their mind
Success now and in the future where is she going to go
Unique and different, what is special
Best way to manifest through images and associations

Listening to consumers, wanting to reach product directly, so multichannel retailer.
Online, retail, catalog, etc.

Investing Early stage disruptive consumer facing brands

Flywheel, boutique, 7 studios
Ecosystem work share spare for millennialist, we work.

20 years ago shopping was #1 activity, now it’s not in the top 10 activity, no longer the passion at it was. Shopping 1 or 2 of customer activities in China.

Shelly Lazarus, Ogilvy
Brand single most important company asset.

Do brands need agencies? Agencies can hire different people, is size of agency, more creatives, source talent.

VIDEO Dove, drawing, beauty You are more beautiful then you think

Started from UNILEVER survey, Question, Do you think you a re beautiful? only 2-4% agree. Big viral, not product based but it’s gone to be a point of view.

Most watched piece of non paid for but earned MEDIA.


Experience, core value
Experience and entertainment

Ntiedo NT Etuk
YG Studios

Fitness and health, best trainers, umbrella for trainers brands, rent space and do marketing.

Intersection of personal and corporate brand.

Launch business what is your brand reputation, The person behind the company.


Indy business against main stream businesses

Groups of people who come together and think about brand

Nimble and fast

Be comfortable being uncomfortable

Sanders Trump supporters reply to authenticity

Trump as disruptor,

Gap in trust between informed and whole public

Reid Hoffman Stamford bLITZscaling course,

Brand and lead generation, product presented in the context as a brand always sells more.

Nirvana where the brand permeates the product, i.e. Nike products.

Brand as proxy for quality when there was no information
Now information is ubiquitous
Brands help you edit

Algorhythm – the future of brands Mitch JOEL, Mirium Agency

Three Little Pigs

2. Innovate
3. To transact

Who knows snapchat logo?
Image based
Mobile first, i.e. Better then desktop
It’s social
Snapchat shows 8bn videos a day so does FB, if FB bought Snapchat they would serve up 20Bn videos away which is YouTube numbers. That’s why FB offered them $3Bn in 2013
The internet like Google is like an elephant, it never forgets.

What do customers really need to own?

75mm users
100b hours
No more hard drives

Oh yeah and this…..

Paying for access vs ownership
Music streaming services exceed physical ownership

Technology has removed technology from technology

There isn’t an instruction manual for your iPhone, iPad, etc.

Technology easy to use, no instruction Manual needed.

Mobile has to be the ultimate experience

Mobile primary and PC ancillary device.

….it’s the little things…the create big changes,…think about how you distribute over content now.

The new revenue models over campaigns

Think one screen over which screen.

Think about really making an impression over impressions

Who’s Awesome

Cntl ALt Delete, Mitch Joel’s new book
Math joel.com

How to Market the Smart Home Donna Hoffman, George Washington School of Business.

“We have to go out to dinner the refrigerator isn’t speaking to the stove” cartoon caption.

Setting the Stage
Internet phase 1, Internet of information, “Noboby knows your a dog”
Internet phase 2, Social, Internet of People, “on the Internet everybody knows your a dog”
Internet phase 3, Post Social consumer experience of the assemblage, On the Internet of things nobody knows you’re a fridge.

Collection of everyday objects connected in the cloud and communicate with other devices.

Internet of things I going to be huge
250,000,000 connected cars
Samsung 100% IoT by 2020
$7.5b investment and 900 deals since 2010

Smart home has an adoption problem
16% own a connected device 4% own two or more.
6% use smart home tech
4% own one device
only 30% expected to by smart thermostats in next 5 years
Much lower rate of adoption for other smart home devices

3 barriers to smart home adoption

87% never heard of, don’t really know what it is

Price, security, privacy, and a loss of control, consumers are freaked out.

Why? Product value and performance, Value proposition missing. Device use is challenging.

Cracking the value code
Focus on individual products and use cases

Value is created by the interaction among devices

Smart home identity and consumer experience

Need a new framework.

New consumer experiences are emerging from interactions

As assemblage of heterogeneour parts

Interaction of entities greater then sum of the parts.

Interacts happen in pairs IF THEN
Consumer device
Device consumer
Device device

Use cases dominate current smart home marketing

Use cases don’t explain what can emerge

Awareness of energy usage
Safety and security
Control and convenience

My house really cares about me.

Interactions exchange of paired capabilities
One component pair with another

Home and consumer develop emergent capacities

Emergent smart home capacities
Emergent Consumer Capacities

Seven important I sites
A new Framework for COnsumer Experience in the IoT
Seven insights

1. Market from bottom up interactions, not just he top down, consumer create their own bottom up interactions

2. Everything you already understand, but more
Smart home is like the early iPad.

3. Encourage habitual repetition

4. Focus on predictable ambient interactions to build trust

5. Routines also need to be de-stabilized
Market formation and adoption
Consumer initial destabilization
Market initiated destabilization
Disruptive external destabilization

6. Pay Attention to emergent individual smart home identities

7. Personalization with Trump privacy
Benefits so great then will trade of privacy concerns.

More units, speed adoption.

Amazon, Echo, i.e. Alexa early smart home device, use Amazon DASH, etc.

ESPN: The Future is Live Vikram Somaya SVP Global Officer, ESPN
14% of live media was sports, NOW
93% is sports, future of live media is sports.

NEW ESPN Products

Lose the Shakepere, stick with American English.

News. Weather and sports, reuters, weather.com now sports

Data, marketing infrastructure
Steaming, time shifting
Sports fan internalizing sports information from many sources, medics, systems friends, stats, news.
What, where and how for all consumer activity on all ESPN sites
Sport, fan, location, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BEHAVE

Every sport event which drives an emotional response. ESPN produces 5,000 live events a year.
Power of suggestion
Victory defeat, hope I disappointment sense of history despair
250 people stats and information dept.
Deep connectivity all platforms,

Marketing, Entertainment and Gen Z, Connecting with a new generation.

Richard Barry EVP/Chief GLobal Mdse Officer Toy “R” Us
Pam Kaufman CMO Nickelodeon Group
Michael Shore, VP & Head of Future Mattel
Donald A. Kurz Chairman & CEO Omelet
That’s Neseemuddeen Chief Strategy Officer, Omelet

Mobile only, everything on demand Gen Z born 1995-2010.

Gen Z is nickelodeons moment.
The Velcro family, kids have very strong relationships
Turtles bought and relaunched five years ago.
Parents and children, 30 year life, had when they were kids, reboot for their kids. Shared experience, priceless.
Multi cultural reinvent Mattel Barbie doll, fashionista brand, brand not a look, but as platform for play. Imagination and play, “Imagine the possibilities:. Purposefulness, line extension, advertising. It’s not your mothers Barbie.
“You can be anything” Barbie

Sell entertainment and imagination. Barbie allows those to be who they want to be.

Toys R Us and Star Wars, how to throw a global party for Star Wars. Start Wars Destination: Toy R Us. Toys YouTubers, large YouTube audiences, need emotional, authentic and message which can breath through. Nickelodeon using influencers. Content to experience in a game format and then watch. How to connect. Adopt content on different platforms. World is becoming more visual. New genres of content “in boxing” opens a new product. Other is “Watch them play”, esp mine craft. Kids watching kids play video games. Gen Z likes surprises. A 9 year old is till a 9 year old.

Authenticity and transparency and real

Codeapillar, caterpillar which teaches coding principals. From Fisher Price. Trying to get the STEMP principals to play.

Experience Why More Than Ever
Berns Schmitt, Columbia Business School

The New Reality: Marking Computing Truly Personal
Scott ERickson, General Manager, HoloLens, Microsoft

Not new features, new parodyme

Earlier then ALEXANDER Graham Bell, strings with cups,

1970’s cellular service starts.
Today we are selling billions of handsets, taking over from the PC.

Can personal computing evolve without changing the personal computer.

It’s mixed reality, hologram,

Natural interaction that allows for new ways to create, collaborate and communicate.

Hololens knows what you are looking at, like a curser, it follows your natural interaction. How to enhance the technology around us.

Using holographic experience to empower us in new ways. Overlays as to what you are looking.

Untethered computer, no wires. Sensors mapping your environment. Six cameras sending information to sensors, look through product, Holographic Processing unit. Understand gestures where you look at may your world in real time. Spatial sound is also important. Cool features, yes. Is it revolutionary?

Feature update or paradigm shift?

Hololens not VR doesn’t block the world but mix the world, reality with holographic overlay.

Technology understanding humanity

Here’s it changing the paradigm

Here’s to a new reality

Unity is one of content creation software developers, there are 6 or 7 other development tools. First version for developers cost is $3,000.


I just spend a week at Social Media Week. My head is still spinning. It’s not your father’s internet. Its not the internet I grew up and helped build. Its an internet where words and websites and email are secondary. Its an internet of images and videos. Its a new internet where the second largest search engine is YOUTUBE. It’s truly a revolution when a website like Buzzfeed gets 75% of their traffic from social. Will Social replace advertising? When will the Social bots show up. I’m waiting for the Social Turing test.

What is social? Social is user generated activity which results in traffic to your site. A share is social, so is a like. Social occurs on numerous platforms. The usual suspects are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and the messaging apps Face Book messaging app, WhatsAPP, Line and there are more. There is one called Peach. Content these days is visual triggers (e.g. (semi)nudity, money, wealth, pain/violence), outrageous click-bait, misinformation en memes (FB is filled with it). I don’t think this is good.

It seems to me to be more of today’s internet as a pinball game. More reaction, less thinking. More images, less words. FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. Its the world of paid, owned and earned media. Have your user spread your message. Its the world of influencers.

Many of the events at Social Media Week were great. You should attend next year in NYC or later this year in numerous cities or you can now buy a video pass www.socialmediaweek.org. I didnt get to see all the presentations but I liked, in no particular order.

Small Budget, Big Impact: How To Run A Successful Social Media Campaign Without Breaking The Bank

The Future Of Communication, Presented By Michelle Klein, Head Of Marketing For North America At Facebook

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark: How To Measure Dark Social

The New World Of Social: How Publishers Are Using Messaging Platforms To Engage With Audiences
Building A Great Social Presence The Resourceful Way, Presented By BuzzFeed

Keynote: Funny & Buzzy – How Comedy Central Gets Fans Talking With CMO, Walter Levitt

Super sharers want to be influencers as they keep doing the work of others by sharing digitally their needs, wants, desires all in the world of FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. I really wonder what is happening to their attention spans. I wonder what their concept of an online friend is and how many of them are online bots. Is like a never ending volley of digital tennis. Maybe its Velveeta digital tennis.

in the spirit of social, images and video LINK to my YouTube Social Media Week Videos.