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Apple Watch, its jewelry, its a computer, its jewlputer


Photo from Shapeways Blog http://bit.ly/ShapewaysAppleWatchBlog

Is it a watch or is it a computer. Or, is it both?

In my opinion its the nicest looking one out there.

But is there any overriding must have reason to buy this or any other smart watch. No.

Smart watches are a solution in search of a problem. I believe it will come, especially from the existing community of Apple developers

In theory it does eliminate the need to take out your phone some of the time. It does do a bunch of health related tracking. Not that anyone does that for fun.

And its big, certainly who ever thought Apple Watch would be thicker then everyone elses smart watch.

Im going to buy one because I want to live with it and think of whats next. Thats easier to do when your wearing it.

Im concerned about the battery life.

Which one to buy?

Certainly not the gold ones. Probably the bigger one and probably the sport band in black.

and I can’t wait for version 2 and especially version 3.

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