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Disappointed Client

We all get a dose of failure sometimes.  We experience this in many different ways.  And in a job where you get to meet all sorts of people, you’ll never know what to expect.  At some point, you will receive a letter of disappointment which would be something like this one I received.

Today I had breakfast with a friend who is both a seed investor and runs a large internet company. And I had nothing to show him. I may not see him for months or next year. Last week I saw some investors and I had nothing to show them. I think you are running the wrong race.  This isn’t waiting for the perfect wave. There aren’t any. You are running a marathon or a hobby, I don’t know which. I do know that at some point someone will show up and steal your thunder, and then you become an also-ran. And then you realize you have a hobby or you have been running the wrong race. You should be on this like flies on crap!
Sorry for being blunt here, but you have to get out of your head.

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