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Do you have a seat at the table?

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I recently had lunch with an old friend. I have known him for 20 years. He is smart. He is focused. He successfully sold his business. From his experience as president of his trade organization he has learned if you don’t have a seat at the table none of your elected officials care. Not that its good but that you have to spend money to get the attention of your elected officials. That is the way it is. And now he is seeking a seat at the table for entrepreneurs. He has started a PAC, a Political Action Committee, for entrepreneurs. His name is Greg Slamowitz and his Pac is called Startups for America You can read Gregs blog here You can also buy his book here Flip the Pyramid

Spread the word, give time and give money. We are all in this fight together. We are the future of America. The future of America is smaller, quicker, more innovative. Please forward this to all the entrepreneurs you know.

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