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Gotham: Crowdfunding 2


The Jobs Bill has passed. The Bill has passed for almost a year. My understanding is that there is one member of the SEC not yet onboard. If he goes over, it happens, if not, its like the Army or increasing like Washington, hurry up and wait.

The panel are all experts in what they do. Investment platforms, both known and alternative, crowdfunding platforms and two successful crowdfunding entrepreneurs.

Moderator, Jed Cohen, runs RocketHub.com. Started in Jan 2010, they have hosted 30,000 campaigns in over 150 countries. They are expanding with partnerships such as A&E and Fresh Direct. These marketing partners add their audiences to those offerings which they like and might work with their business offerings.

Some points, some new, some important as to mention again.

  • Individual FB posts when reaching out to friends stay current better than those posts in news feeds.
  • Better video always helps.
  • Most common mistake is the “if you build it they will come’. This is a big mistake and is generally not the case.
  • Use your lists and lean on those who know, love and trust you. Those are the first movers. Do Social Marketing across all platforms.
  • NOTE: Average contribution is $75 but most common is $20.
  • The more planning you do the better the results.
  • Expand your social media networks.
  • Use a professionally written press release, add bio for founders, pictures and photos and, of course, video.
  • Be prepared for Press. NOTE: Bloggers can be your friend here.
  • Plan the work: Work the plan.
  • Rewards based is what crowdfunding is in the USA. You give and you get something in return.
  • What offers work better? Exclusive experiences.
  • Thank people within your social networks and acknowledge, say something nice. Its important to help people. You want to start a “virtual water cooler”, keep the conversation and the contributions going.
  • Find those who adding their lists will allow you to accomplish your goals and your stretch goals.
  • Keep updating your offer. Add a new video.
  • After you have succeeded keep people informed with weekly, monthly newsworthy updates.

Panel included:

  • Jordan Cohen CEO, RocketHub
  • Joanna Knollmueller Principal, Stocked
  • Daryl Montgomery Author of Forthcoming Book on Crowdfunding; Educator, Writer and Speaker – Focus on Alternative Investments
  • Paul Tabachneck Musician and Crowdfunding Veteran
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