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Interview: Sean Montgomery, Co-Founder of Sensorstar Labs

48-sean-montgomery1. What does your startup do, what problem does it solve?

Sensorstar Labs is a research and development studio with a focus on high-tech engineering and algorithms that take product idea to product reality.
We design sensors for collecting data and the platforms that make the data meaningful.
2. What is your secret sauce?

Our interdisciplinary group and uninhibited passion for experimentation. Sensorstar Labs’ collective expertise includes electrical engineering and circuit design, neuroscience, biosensing, computer vision, rapid prototyping, data visualization and interaction design.
We have the flexibility to take on a wide range of projects while assuring the technical proficiency of our team.
3. How did it help you win?

Through our prototyping services, we’re able solve the technical challenges that our clients face in the proof-of-concept stages of an idea.
Our combination of technical knowledge, experience in research methods and creative thinking allows us to collaborate on conceptual ideas and to offer solutions for making them a reality.
4. What were the alternatives, what did it replace?

Traditional tech companies often work on projects that require knowledge of a limited set of platforms, to work on a limited set of problems.
We employ whatever tools are necessary to design the most successful product, whether that product is a pulse oximetry sensor, responsive environment, learning algorithm or smartphone app.
5. What did you learn to do better?

We’ve learned that in order to stay relevant in any tech company, you’ve got to have a vision for the future. We have a vision for the future, and are engineering the vehicle that’ll get us there.

Sean Montgomery is an engineer, professor and new-media artist in New York City. Sean’s work takes a transdisciplinary look at the human condition. Using research methodologies combined with emerging technologies, his work examines the changing relationship between the physical and metaphysical world. After finishing his Ph.D. Neuroscience, Sean co-founded Sensorstar Labs, an agile R&D consulting group that utilizes a depth of expertise from electrical engineering and circuit design to algorithms and app development to transform product vision into product reality. For more information about Sean’s engineering and art work, see:

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