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Is it the end of startups? Does this prove it?

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There is always an event which proceeds the change in investment cycles. When Time Warner reached to buy, or to be bought by AOL that was the peak of the first internet boom. This episode of Shark Tank may be the next. They are making TV and TV isn’t life but reality TV mimics life, although for TV.

How rude do you have to be to diss those who you are asking for a check? Shark Tank Daymond John started FUBU. I used to work for him. FUBU is a totally different business then one on one computer generated dress shirts. Its mass market and mass market dwarfs the custom shirting market. Daymond is a nice guy and doesn’t deserve to be the recipient of arrogance. But it is TV. And unfortunately this jerk shares the same first name as mine.

FROM: INC Magazine http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2016/02/17/geeks-unite-steve-wozniaks-comic-con-to-bring-hollywood-and-silicon-valley-together/?mod=ST1

The startup cycle is getting long. Maybe too long. Maybe not. But I believe we are now due for a correction. Startups make mistakes. So did Apple, Whole Foods and most large successful companies. Time to learn how to do down rounds. Thats big money will be made.

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