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Maestrano Launches in US via NYC Office

It’s the First Cloud Platform to Share Data and Insight Across Key Software Applications

Australia-based Maestrano is bringing its proven app connectivity solution and marketplace to the US. Maestrano equips enterprises to better engage with SMB customers via a platform that combines cloud applications and services, integration, and a reporting dashboard that provides real-time business insights.

Maestrano’s turnkey platform and marketplace make it easy to connect business applications – no software development is required. This means SMBs no longer need to choose between best-of-breed technologies and software suites; they can have the best of both worlds. It gives enterprises a way to better support and engage SMB customers, through software and integration with their own applications.

“Maestrano democratizes access to business applications, allowing enterprise clients to equip
companies of all sizes with the same sophisticated app and data integration that was previously
available only to the largest organizations,” said Stephane Ibos, CEO of Maestrano. “We believe there is a strong opportunity for large enterprises like financial institutions to improve customer loyalty and retention by differentiating themselves and playing a pivotal role in client IT initiatives.”

Maestrano’s big data engine provides enterprise-level analytics and identifies actionable insights. It works out-of-the-box, using information from an organization’s entire suite of software solutions.
Once aggregated, the data can be analyzed to identify inefficiencies and opportunities.
The platform uses a patented Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) approach to connect apps in the company’s marketplace without relying on development or APIs. By creating and transporting individual objects through an organization’s cloud-based applications, Maestrano garners considerable efficiencies for its users.

Among other benefits, users of Maestrano’s platform will see:
● Improved security and business continuity preparedness
● Decreased reliance on data entry throughout their organization
● Access to an ever-growing suite of applications that can be incorporated seamlessly to
address business concerns.
● Immediate opportunities to improve operations, as a result of Maestrano’s big data

The core technology of Maestrano was developed by software engineers using defense- grade
technologies and architectures, and has been used in a variety of mission-critical settings. Major
organizations like PricewaterhouseCoopers are among enterprises offering Maestrano to their clients.

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