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New Year’s Resolution, learn to listen better

As I have more days behind me then ahead of me the reality of celebration isn’t holidays. It’s making the best of each new day this New Year… taking responsibility… focusing on little things which when moved forward help accomplish those bigger tasks and desired goals.

A writer friend talks about listening hard. What is listening hard? Well, it hard. It’s paying attention. It’s what many say about meeting President Bill Clinton. It’s as if you feel you are the only person in the room. It’s direct eye contact. It’s lack of distractions. It’s asking questions to show that you are listening. It’s deferring judgment. It’s being respectful, honest and open.

Listening hard is focusing on one task. No FOMO (fear of missing out). Just doing one thing better. We can all listen better. You can only listen better if you are totally aware and open to receiving. It’s a valuable skill and leads to a richer better life. And I would like to think the better life is better life experiences not the accumulation of better stuff. BTW what is better stuff? We all put our pants on one leg at a time.

We should all learn to listen better.

So today and in days to come I want to listen hard. I want to deal with what I feel from those faces who have my full attention… having those experiences. After all we are all people. We are all God’s children. The sooner we get to listen hard, the sooner our lives will be better. And that’s when the stranger becomes a face and maybe the face becomes a name and the name becomes a friend. Afterall, life is lived best in three dimensions.

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