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NYC & SNOW STORM shared experience among strangers

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No its not a raid on the banks its a raid on the Upper West Side’s Trader Joes. Same lines at Fairway, Zabars and Citarella. All New Yorkers on the street to buy food. Nothing like the ever increasing messaging about an ever increasing snow storm. Is it the more we hear about it, the worse its gets. Or so we image. More messaging. Weather casters who feel the need to make the new extreme their extreme. So here we have a weather based shared experience among a group of strangers. How much is to share the up and coming weather event with strangers, maybe a surprise with someone you know as a friend or someone you know by face from the neighborhood. Or maybe its just to see strangers outside of a normal but a local routine. Its all surprise and shared experience or not, its a shared journey relating around a common need, both real or perceived, and then maybe again they just wanted to get out of their apartments.

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