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NYT Article today: Apple Watch divorce or is it a separation

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Todays NYTimes has an article about a reporters Fallout from their Apple Watch experience. For this reporter it seems to be more of a talisman to start conversation then a required daily piece of technology. I wonder when the conversations will stop.

The Apple watch to be a must have daily spot on my wrist, its not what it looks like, its what it does. And thats not what you see on the surface, its its magic. Its not there yet. But it will come. So will Apple Watch versions 2 and future ones.

Modern life seems to be about scheduling everything to the minutes. And to what end? Is it because we do not want to be alone? If we are always connected can we still be alone? Its like over scheduled children. The point of which I don’t understand. Is it because of social pressures, hanging out with the right other children, not wasting time. I remember my free form childhood. I could so things in solitude, alone or I had unstructured play.

I prefer less is more and I love the time I spend in my head, doing nothing, and waiting for something to show up or not. You never know. Its just good not to scared of doing nothing. You don’t miss anything.

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