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NYTimes on Amazon, its not Bezos, its not Amazon, its everywhere.

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Welcome to the new world. Its not about you or your passion, its about solving your employers problems. Bezos does what he knows or thinks he knows. He is smarter then you. Get over it. Goldman Sachs has been culling the bottom 10% of its employees. He comes from a Wall Street background where you are judged every day by the numbers. Sort of like at Amazon. Amazon may not be everyones cup of tea as an employer but it reflects today’s workplace. There are many new software programs which do what Amazon does. Workday is one. Its just easier to slam a face and a rich face at that. Is it fair? Its not about you, its about solving your employers problems. Is it nice? I don’ t know what nice is anymore. Perhaps its like a LIKE, another example of warmed over politically correct behavior which really doesn’t mean anything.

You don’t have to work for Amazon but increasingly they have successfully determined what will be next.

Welcome to the new world, its not Amazon its everyone.

LINK: NYTimes article http://bit.ly/NYTAmazon

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