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The Interview, Christmas Day and Chinese Food

The Interview Official Trailer #2 (2014) – James Franco, Seth …

16,000,000 views for THE INTERVIEW TRAILER, thats a lot.
I don’t think the North Koreans are responsible for the leak , but I think it will sell a lot of THE INTERVIEW tickets, I think its a disgruntled ex or current SONY employee which has caused the leak of the last 10 or so years of most if not ALL of SONYs Entertainments records.
What I am upset about besides the leak is the lack of leadership in dealing with the crises and the only leaders who I support are the independent theatre owners who stepped up to show THE INTERVIEW.
This experience will show the studios that they can open a movie digitally, big theatre owned be dammed. They are all scared clueless sheep. Their inaction just puts another nail in their coffin of their business model.
However, I believe THE INTERVIEW should be shown in a theater, to experience how news affects society and who steps up and pays for a ticket to share the experience.

The Interview‘ Social Media Is Back Online – Update

Deadline.comDec 23, 2014
UPDATE, 4:37 PM: Within hours of deciding to make The Interview… Check the final trailer for the movie above, now available again on the …
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Jackson Clarion Ledger11 minutes ago
The Interview‘ is back on social media: Watch the new trailer
OpinionEntertainment WeeklyDec 23, 2014
The Interview‘ Begins Screening in Select Theaters
OpinionNew York Times48 minutes ago
Happy Holidays
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