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the new Microsoft 2.0, Ballmer on basketball.

the problem with running a multi billion dollar company is that it both takes a lot ot move the needle, one way, from a shareholder value is to lower expenses, buy back stock or grow earnings. Corporate Americans easy way out. They won’t hire until the top line grows, they can’t miss their earnings expectation. Also, anything MSFT is working on has been in process for a long time. One of the reasons many of my MSFT friends left was Ballmers P&G style of too many meetings, leaving less time to get anything done and creating inertia for change.

Expect more and better, quicker provided that earnings exceed expected. its time for MSFT 2.0.

I wonder how Ballmer will manage basketball players? Any thoughts?

Ballmer 2.0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Ballmer

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