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Toasty Leads And What You Should Know About Them

What is a good lead?

Lead generation is very essential to a business.  It is also a big part of what I do every day. I’ve been doing business development and lead generation for a long time and have a deep rolodex.  Having a large pool of contacts and a good number of years in this business, I am very aware that sales and marketing teams often argue of the definition of a good lead.

There are key elements which will bring you to a successful lead.  But first, let me show you some differences because there are two kinds of leads.  It can be a cold lead or a warm lead.

  • Warm Leads Warm leads are qualified in that you have met and or spoken to them before. Less warm leads are those you have contact with through a non real time communication system such as email, direct mail response, etc.
  • Cold Leads Someone whom you cold call. First you have to get them on the phone, then you need their time. Then you have to share with them what you are trying to sell. Then you may learn they don’t do that, maybe they refer you to speak with their company or organization, or sometimes they just hang up on you.
  • Toasty Leads Toasty leads are easy. That’s what we do at SiliconAlley Startup Management Services. Our leads come from our extensive database with interested parties in helping solve your problems. They are customers, strategic partners, and investors. Sometimes more than one.

Toasty leads are:

  1. Leads where we have done business in the past and have 1 or more high-level contacts. Sometimes more.
  2. Leads where our customer’s solutions solve a problem, be it business, financial or technology-related.
  3. Leads where a Responsible Official (RO) will quickly be assigned to manage on behalf of the prospect and where we can continually solicit feedback.
  4. Leads which have budget associated with them.
  5. Thats what our toasty leads deliver. Pain point, budget and RO.

I’ve been doing this for 25+ years. So I speak from practical experience.
What problem can Silicon Alley solve for you?

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