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Wearable what? if you show up, you find out, MIT, some really smart people, what’s not to like.


I’ve only been to a few MIT events. The nice thing about MIT events is they only show up when they are ready for prime time. And thats a good thing. Its sort of like almost going to MIT, its cause the people you meet.

The moderator is Dan Rosenbaum, a seasoned technology writer. He has been there, done that. He doesn’t waste your time.

The Wearable speakers are visionaries in their respective fields of neuroscience, virtual reality, social interaction, art and music who are taking wearable technology to places that are fascinating for each of us to get a glimpse of …and imagine what’s possible.

Cori Lathan
Board Chair and CEO at AnthroTronix
Corinna E. Lathan, founder and CEO of AnthroTronix, was named on of the “Top 100 World Innovators” by MIT’s Technology Review Magazine and one of Fast Company Magazine’s “Most Creative People in Business.” She is at the forefront of human performance engineering, medical device design, and assistive technologies.

Vickie Nauman
Principle and Owner
CrossBorderWorks Consulting & Advisory Firm
Vickie Nauman is a thought leader on the intersection between wearable technologies and the entertainment and music industries. She has over 15 years of experience working with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment.

Ken Perlin
Professor of Computer Science
NYU Media Research Lab
Director, Games for Learning Institute
Academy Award-winning computer graphics legend Ken Perlin now directs Future Reality research at NYU’s Media Research Lab. Dr. Perlin’s approach to VR is unique because of the focus on social interaction, freedom of movement, and seamlessly blending the virtual with the physical.

Jocelyn Scheirer
Founder, CEO at Bionolux, LLC
Jocelyn was one of the handful of female pioneers working on wearables at the MIT Media Lab in the 1990s. Her “Galvactivator” glove (of which a limited series of 2000 were created and partially mass machine-tooled in 1999) was the very first patented wearable, machine-washable, textile sensor.

And, IMHO, the best reason is to meet those at the MIT events who aren’t yet friends but can change your lives. I think of MIT like what friends of friends do best for you. They offer pleasant surprise.


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