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What Suzanne Noble, Frugl founder says about…..

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What 2015 Taught Me About The London Tech Scene

I’ve known Suzanne for a while. How long I don’t know but its been at least 10 years. I see her every few years. I have been helping her with Frugl. And she has been delivering. It’s been longer, slower, surprises all the way. In her past life she ran a successful PR agency. It was an episodic job. It’s good to have experience in episodic jobs as you learn to overcome adversity and move on. That is the life of the startup founder.

Is the startup scene sexist, is it ageist? Yes. But building a business is so much more then the curated, bespoke, artisanal, hand-crafted hipster bullshit. This is their generations version of being a rock star or a movie star or some other star. Now entrepreneurs are this generations stars.

If it wasn’t all about FOMO. Anyone I know who is successful, and that is if you define success by material gain, has done so because they are persistent and they do one thing for a long time. They overcome adversity, they listen to their marketplace, they sell.

Any successful start up has its share of experienced employees. Building a business is about rinse and repeat. Its not fun, its not cool, its building future success on what has worked before. Those with experience make it easier, they have been there. Hire them and listen to them.

Thats why Suzanne will win. She is the only one standing from her incubator experience of one year ago.

So stop being sexist and ageist and if you understand that its not all about you and your precious idea its about your customer and its about the problem you solve.

Frugl’s deck www.frugl.pitchxo.com

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