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When a billion dollars isn’t a billion dollars, Dollar Shave Club sells too cheap.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 9.05.35 AM

4x sales, is not out of the question. But why now and could they have gotten more? Was it an auction, or a sale. What is the relationship to investors life of fund, the fund needing to return cash to investors. Like Zappos, investors control when to sell. And its not about the company its about returning cash to their investors and themselves.

is Dollar Shave Club a technology company? Is it disruptive. No, its a direct marketing, subscription model for a product which has been conventionally sold one at a time at bricks and mortar physical store locations. It shows the power of advertising, of video. It shows the power of brand, it shows the power of what we do so well in America. He know how to sell.

For a large acquirer a billion dollars sitting on their balance sheet generates less then $20mm in interest income per year.

Maybe the company to worry most about this acquisition is Amazon as if more CPG companies learn how to sell direct by subscription…..

Big companies have two big problems, most can only grow sales by acquisition and no one wants to go to work for them.

Have you heard the rumor of the line of unilever man-bun products? JUST KIDDING

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