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Why I’m going and why you should go to TOY FAIR

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Its because of something which is very important to a human development. And it doesn’t happen with batteries. It happens naturally.

Unstructured play is that set of activities that children create on their own without adult guidance. Children naturally, when left to their own devices, will take initiative and create activities and stories in the world around them.

Its story telling and a lot more. Its a sole child playing with a doll with responsibility for both sides of the conversation. LINK

Its an escape from another over scheduled childhood. Like the one I grew up in. Imagination happens.

And we all have childlike qualities, thats why do we do what we do. We like to reinvent ourselves every few years. And we still have the childlike sense of wonderment. Otherwise we would be book keepers or work at an insurance company.

And you never learn anything when you can totally absorbed in someone else’s rules.

Go to toy fair.

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