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Accessories Bring A New Dimension To 3D Printing

This years’ Inside 3D Printing conference in NYC brought out the usual deluge of additive manufacturing machines.  Both established brands and bright-eyed startups, all pitching their twist on the now ubiquitous technology of additive 3D printing.  However, amongst all the printing varietals to choose from stood out the next wave of 3D entrepreneurial newcomers – the accessory makers.  While 3D printers have become the new de facto tool every design shop must have, it is the accessory makers – those who bet they can build a business on the number of installed units they can sell to – that mark a true turning point for this product into mainstream acceptance.  We’ve seen this play out before in the traditional inkjet market with the multitude of paper stocks, materials, and inks that have risen to compliment the core inkjet printing technology.  Accessories allow entrepreneurs to service niche consumer market needs, while simultaneously enhancing the core technology by maximizing its usefulness beyond its basic functions.

These accessories found at the Inside 3D Printing conference will be game changers for many:

Flex your prints – The first truly “rubber-like” material capable of being extruded in a 3D printer.  This filament prints parts with an impressively stretchy and flexible quality, and comes in a host of great colors.  Imagine no longer being limited to the rigid, or semi-rigid parts you are currently printing.  With NinjaFlex, a world of rubber printed part possibilities just opened up to you.  Check it out at: www.fennerdrives.com/3d

Minimize lift, maximize grip – Forget the blue tape you are constantly replacing on your 3D printer’s build plate. BuildTak offers a reusable plastic laminate for the bed of your machine with a proprietary finish that helps grip your part and most importantly, minimizes lift. Available in a range of sizes to fit your machine.  Check it out at:www.buildtak.com


Print a Mini Me – 3D Heights has opened a one-stop shop for all your printing needs, including classes, materials, and most importantly – Bobble Heads!  Head over to their store on 4084 Broadway, NY, to scan your head in their proprietary licensed system and then pick from a range of cool pre-set figurines to 3D print.  Your one-of-a-kind bobble head can be ready within days!  Check it out at: www.3dheights.com


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