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Empowering Enterprise Sales With Mobile Content Delivery Via iPhone

You probably already know you need Mobile Content Delivery – which can range from mobile-optimized websites to specific apps – for your enterprise sales, even if you haven’t figured out how to implement it. In the current tech environment, it’s a fact of life, whether you like it or understand it. If you are looking into mobile content delivery, however, implementation may seem difficult or time-consuming.
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Mobile content delivery is important
First, we’d like to give you a better understanding of why it’s essential: because you’re putting the content immediately and conveniently in your customers’ hands. Web pages have to be deliberately navigated to, and aren’t always accessible when users are on the go. And if they are, they may not be formatted in a way that can be easily read on small and limited mobile screens.
Imagine you’re a restaurant and you want users to be able to read your menu – the likelihood the customer will be looking at that menu on a mobile device is pretty high, and increases if you offer convenience food.
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How mobile content differs from traditional content
In contrast to traditional websites, mobile content can be accessed from anywhere, and in the form of an app can also send “push notifications” which are small app icons that appear on the bottom of the screen and let the user know they have new information, like a special discount or newly available items.
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Mobile content delivery is targeted at your customers
Mobile content delivery means getting the right information to the right people. TV ads are a good example of this – TV advertisers try to reach the right demographic, or potential customer, by advertising during certain shows or time slots. Paint manufacturers and American Dream Home are probably a great pairing.
On the other hand, advertisers clearly believe that feminine hygiene products aren’t a good fit for baseball (but Viagra is). But what if the ad agencies’ assumptions are wrong and women really are watching baseball in larger numbers than men?
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Mobile content is always on
Mobile content delivery is great because it reaches your customers, or at least people who are interested in your product, anytime and anywhere. Your users are taking their iPhones everywhere, so follow them on their daily journey with your mobile app or website.
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iOS vs. Android and other mobile operating systems
So why iOS/iPhone and not Android (or Windows, or Blackberry, or any other mobile OS)? Well, it admittedly depends on what you’re selling. Apple may be more popular with older users, since it’s the most intuitive and user-friendly, so if you’re targeting somewhat older customers, iOS is the operating system of choice.
Apple users also spend more money on apps, and is the most used to access the internet – so if you want to offer a paid app or want to optimize your website, focus on iOS. It’s also the platform that’s most consistent, meaning your website or app will work and appear the same across devices.
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The bottom line is that it depends on your situation which app to use – but you probably can’t go wrong with starting with iOS. If you’re looking for mobile content delivery for iPhones or other iOS systems, contact us for solutions or download our CoreContent Datasheet
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