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Bumble: SnapChat for Dating?

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Bumble is a dating site which requires time sensitive action user action, usually from women who are receiving more attention than it is possible to act on. Bumble spins the responsibility for those with too many interested parties to interface with their interests to determine mutual interest. This sort of turns the dating process upside down. Is it the snapchat for dating? Online dating either you have too much or too little supply and there is no incentive to act. With Bumble if you don’t act you lose. The problem with online dating isn’t the app, it is the person. It’s not really dating. Its lacking too many senses to qualify as dating. Photos do lie. So do people’s words. Only real time in your face conversation do you have the nuances to determine real world interest.  At the end of the day you have to meet someone. That is when dating starts. Otherwise it is, can I call it, masturbatory dating? Will Bumble cause more online to offline dating activity? Time will tell.

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