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The next big thing, online and in person, it’s Live Streaming Video

Image from Sprout Social http://sproutsocial.com/insights/live-streaming-apps/

Image from Sprout Social http://sproutsocial.com/insights/live-streaming-apps/

Welcome to the world of Live Streaming Video. So much to watch, nothing you want to see. How will is all flush out?

I like going to events of early technology, where no one knows anything, and the surprises are always those showing up. That’s the best time to get out from behind your screen and join others.

Such is the case with self streaming broadcasting.

So many questions, so little time. Less patience.

There are two upcoming events in SiliconAlley which attempt to address and present answers, best practices.


Some questions I need answering;

Battery life and storage capacity solutions;

Sound options, wireless, wired, other.

Lenses, wider, 3d, other options

Second screen as i find looking at screen while recording invasive and an inability to react on screen or by voice and keep camera steady, steady cam anyone?

Editing, editing or will these live on as everyones own truman show? I hope not.

As square screen format is best for mobile, how to do that?

Software tools?storage tools?


[NYVM] March NYVideo Meetup News
March 24th

Hi ALL – We’ve got great presenters lined up for March 24th.  Viosk, KitSplit, and YouNow…
–>> and we have room for 1 more! (so, if you’ve got a great video startup, service, or content company…raise your hand!).
Viosk //Founder and CEO Alex Romanovich
Viosk is a new cloud-based video animation & automation platform, allowing businesses & professionals to animate content at lower cost in less time.
RSVP Here!
YouNow // Senior Product Manager Dorian Dargan
YouNow fuses the experience of broadcasting, gaming, performing and social networking, giving direct power to the people and enabling them to discover and create new kinds of interactive content in real-time.
KitSplit // Lisbeth Kaufman
KitSplit is a private rental marketplace for on-demand creative tools, like high-end cameras, drones, and virtual reality filming rigs. Called “the AirBNB of cameras” by Forbesand Fast Company, they connect companies and people who own gear with those looking to rent.
RSVP NOW! http://www.meetup.com/nyvideo/
**Event Details:
Location : 1100 Avenue of the Americas
Time: Thursday March 24th, 2016
6:30-7:00 PM Networking
7:00-8:00 PM Presentations
8:00-8:15 PM Networking
NY Video Meetup Sponsors:  HBO & Waywire.com
*Food and drinks will be provided*

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