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Congratulations to the NYC BigApps 2013 Winners!

This year’s winners of the NYC BigApps competiton were recently announced. $150,000 in cash was awarded to seven teams who developed apps that helps solve select NYC challenges and problems.

Created in 2009, NYC BigApps has helped launch nearly 300 apps that improve the lives of New York residents, visitors and businesses. The NYC BigApps competition has also opened up over 1,000 datasets to developers around the world.

From the pool of winning apps in several BigIssues categories, the judges selected one Grand Prize winner based on its commercial viability, potential impact on New York City residents, visitors and businesses, quality of implementation, and quality of idea.

This year’s Grand Prize Winner is HealthyOut, an app that allows New Yorkers to quickly locate healthy meals at local restaurants. With a few simple clicks, users can search for dishes by nutrition preferences (like calories, nutrition tags like Heart Healthy, Low Fat, Vegetarian) as well as what they’re in the mood for (cuisine, main ingredient, preparation style).

The complete list of winners follows.

Grand Prize Winner: HealthyOut
The HealthyOut app makes it easy for New Yorkers to find healthy eating options at nearby restaurants, customized to their dietary needs and preferences.

Best Jobs and Economic Mobility App – First Prize: ChildCareDesk
ChildCareDesk aims to help parents find quality child care centers near them.

Best Jobs and Economic Mobility App – Second Prize: Helping Hands
Helping Hands is an ecosystem where people who need hope and people who give help meet.

Best Jobs and Economic Mobility App – Third Prize: Hired in NY
Hired in NY is a mobile app to manage the job search process.

Best Lifelong Learning App: Hopscotch
Hopscotch is an iPad programing language for teaching kids to code.

Best Cleanweb: Energy, Environment and Resilience App: SolarList
SolarList is an app that empowers and pays students and young entrepreneurs to educate homeowners about their options for going solar by providing free home solar assessments.

Best Healthy Living App: HealthyOut
(also the Grand Prize Winner)

Best Wildcard App: Poncho
Poncho is a personalized weather service that is tailored to one’s daily routine. It explains weather in simple and snarky English.

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