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Tastes Good: FoodTech NYC

Gordon Platt’s Gotham Media group put on an interesting event last night FoodTech NYC at the WIX lounge space on west 23rd Street. Gotham is a content marketing and strategic communications firm with a focus on business development, social media and marketing. WIX is a free website publishing platform. The WIX Lounge provides FREE support to WIX users.

What is FoodTech NYC? FoodTech NYC is the food from the farmer, those who manufacture the farmers output and then those who through technology provide services to move these products to market.

Unfortunately the margins for the TECH part of this are better than for farmers or producers who have the added costs of both creating the physical product and distributing it. Hopefully, the TECH part makes it easier for them to succeed.

Those having booths with their delicious products at the event are artisanal, upscale products. Made from love, and more than not, the need to develop their product based on both career change and wanting to share in the marketplace just better food. I salute them.

The TECH folks offer what VCs want. Fast growth and the ability to get big fast. This isn’t really possible when you make it and have to ship it. Too bad, maybe someone will totally turn the FOOD business on its head and allow the farmers to secure increased margins and greater growth.

The people in attendance was a diverse and accomplished group.

I hope future FoodTech NYC events showcase solutions to more directly half both those who grow and those who make our food.

Following is the FoodTech NYC handout.


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