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Get your app started for $100


i would first research the market and see what else is out there in the marketplace and how they are doing. Do you still want to do it? If its too hard to do, don’t do it. Do whats easy.

What problem does your app solve? Go to United States Patent and Trademark Office and research patents and how others have solved the problem and if you might be infringing on their patent or if you have patentable material. Spill, spill, spill, write, write, write and put it in a provisional patent. This gives you one year to file your patent.

We are trying to create unfair advantages here.

Write a spec. Take a piece of paper. Draw a line down the middle from top to bottom. On the left side write User and the right side write System.

write down what user does and what what system, does or shows.

keep doing this and doing this, writing the spec is harder then programming.

If you are following along here and you don’t use professional help you have spent $100 for a US Provisional Patent.

How you should be working on how to pitch your application to potential partners, funders, etc.

You need an elevator statement. This is a short, what does app do? What problem does it solve? etc.

You should start looking at some programming tools which don’t require programming to use. None of them come to mind now but they can help you illustrate User does, System does interactivity. You can use power point but there are others. its Google time. Go find them.

Find those who can do those things which you need but

don’t know how to do
don’t like to do
don’t have time to do
dont do well

find professionals who can do those tasks or co-founders, or freelancers or partners to do these tasks. Figure out budget and time.

I don’t know you and what you have done. I know what I require to get my attention. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Ask, and see what your network requires. BTW you get your funding not from those you know, but from those they know.

You will ask 100 people for funding, they will not give you first money, but they will give you advice, listen to their advice because although they aren’t giving you money they are telling you what they need to give you a check.

Good Luck

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