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Apple Watch Battery Life


I’ve decided to buy an Apple Watch. Its worth it to me to be a first user in this space. I worry about battery life. I remember the first iPhones battery life wasn’t friendly to NYC lifestyle when you are on the move all the time without a car. Not the way they move around in Cupertino. But a watch is different you shouldn’t have to put it in a charger to get a full days usage.

The Apple Watch battery life is the biggest risk to Apple and its stock price. If it doesn’t work as advertised it will drop Apples stock price as about half of Apple stock is held by professionals who sell at the first sign of trouble. Stocks go down faster then then go up. Relax, maybe if it happens, and when its over, you have another buying opportunity.

Will there be a wrist sleeve of batteries which your Apple Watch plugs into allowing for additional batteries or solar cells or a combination of both to keep the Apple Watch charged for a complete day of any heavy users day and night.

I also think about the watch band options. Apple has excelled at brevity in its product offering. Only the different colors of iPhoneC and IPad covers offer a color option. How long will it take people to buy one or will they buy more Apple Watch bands?

Is April the real date or did Apple, as they should have, given themselves a window of time opportunity to deal with any last minute fixes. I can’t imagine an April 1st Fool Days launch, maybe Apriil 15th Tax Day lanch or sometime. Lets hope its April.

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