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My answer on Quora, I want to be an entrepreneur….

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are you asking about being a founder or an entrepreneur? If you join a real early stage startup, in my mind, you are still an entrepreneur. Find someone who has done it before successfully with an idea or a problem to be solved which interests you. Ask to join.

Solve their problem
What you do that they don’t have time to do
What you do that they don’t like to do
What you do that they don’t know how to do
What you do that they don’t do well

Solve their problem.

The seven stages of your career

Who are you?
I know you
Get me you
I can’t do this without you
Get me you
I know you
Who are you?

Show them how you think.
Join their groups, professional or charity
Let them see your work, step up and do those things that no one wants to do at the charity, etc.

You are there to solve their problems. Its not about you, its about them.

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, its not one, its many.

Use your luck, which is, when opportunity meets preparation, it might take some time to find the right situation.

Use your friends and get their friends to help. Friends of friends, for some reason, work better then friends. I don’t know why.

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