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Startups Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Why startups aren’t going away soon and why we are involved big time.
When you live in a society of naysayers, those who say it can’t be done. What can’t be done, anything and everything. Well that isn’t the way that I think I believe the future belongs to those who don’t know what they can’t do.
When shit happens and it does to all of us you can either complain or you can get active. That’s what startup are. 
Business has let them down. 
The government has let them down
Education has let them down
So today you can either be a tea party type person and complain or you can try and something new. The primary skill set gained by those working in a start up is education and teamwork.  You may not get it right the first time, but if you learn and you keep showing up, you will get it right.
I sort of thought of it as non athletic team building. Team building for the brain. Just as upper body strength which was used to build the physical world we live brain power is increasingly used to solve the worlds problems.
The primary skill set of those working in corporate America and one which is never discussed is the ability to stay employed. You either control revenue or you have a sponsor. Employee be dammed, cut and cut and cut. If you can’t grow the top line cut the bottom line. It’s a game of musical chairs. Don’t they realize that 70% of this economy is consumer based. Where is Henry Ford when you need him? People will spend their way out of this recession, all of them, just share the wealth a little bit. And maybe that’s what working for a startup and have success doing it lets you do it while you are making it up and isn’t that a pleasant thing to do. Not having No said to you for a multiple of reasons, my favorite being “company policy”, make your own rules. Do your own startup. You may not win soon. But you will learn. It’s a more satisfying life. And you get to define success in terms other than how much money you have in the bank.
The Government is letting them down. If you live here and you can make it better and you have to borrow, you do it. Interest rates are so low that you can not borrow to build a better America. I personally think its a plot to do whatever they can to hurt Obama and the Democrats. And if I had my way business fascists would be kicked out of America starting with the Koch Brothers. 
Education is letting us down. In another time the internet would have been developed and then taught in schools. It’s all happening too fast. Decision making is schools are taking all too long and by the time a curriculum a determined it is out of date. We educate our children about facts about old dead white people. We should teach them how to think.
So you can either bitch and moan or you can make a difference. A difference for yourself and for society. You do a startup. You solve a problem. And if you solve your users’ problem you are happy. Remember users sign your paycheck.
So that’s why startups aren’t going away. America is a nation of can do people. Most of us.

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