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The Quantum Startup

If you can’t describe what problem you solve in 8 words or less you will fail!
What is your business?
If you say you are a platform, or an app, or a website or how you deliver what it is what your business is you are going to fail.
Your customer wants to know what problem you solve for them. And that’s it. Period.
People increasing use technology without a user manual? You do, too. Very few people read owners manuals. Maybe that’s why they don’t print them anymore.
You have to describe your startup in customer facing words.
What problem do you solve?
And you either save money or save time or help people solve a problem. Maybe you help them waste time more pleasurable. 
Solving the problem is #1. Solving the problem for users, one at a time. 
Many years ago I helped a computer company go public. They had a great idea, great management, all systems were go. They were the second largest increase in stock price on the American Stock Exchange in 1985. I was talking to an investor, both older and wiser than myself, sharing my excitement about how big this company was going to become. He looked at me and said, “They are going to fail”.
I was shocked and I asked him why. He said, “They sell into too many industries too soon”. They did. They sold into autos, aerospace, computer, electrical. All great first marque customers. And do you know what? They never got a second order from anyone. Never, ever, again, Period.
Do less, better.
Solve the needs of one customer. First, once and then again and again. Listen to your customer. Keeping listening. Pivot often. 
Invention is something which happens between your ears, Innovation is something which happens between the ears of many. If your not listening well, you’re not innovating and if you’re not innovating your not accomplishing your business milestones.
Its called the SiliconAlley quantum startup solution, solve the problem for the smallest subset. 

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