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Where the jobs are and where the jobs are going…..

Linkedin is a way for HR people to stay fully employed. They fill round jobs with candidates who fit in round job roles. The best way to get a job is from those who know what you do and that you do it well.

Angel list for me has become more active. Its more for earlier companies seeking capital or senior management or advisors. The only communication I received was from a startup founder. He wouldnt give up. I finally spoke to hiim. He is raising money for his last mile delivery service. Its operational. I’m wasn’t interested. Put persistance pays off, sometimes. He has raised 2/3 of his round. He has called 300 investor prospects and received 11 checks. He will do it. Thats what Angel list is for. Prospecting for investors and talent for your startup.

Not only is it talent, but its, as Steve Jobs used to say, in the words of Wayne Gretsky, the don’t skate to where the hockey puck is, you skate to where its going. If you want to know where the job opportunities are read on…

And if I may some some words about Jim Sternes eMetrics Summit. Jim knows where the hockey puck is going. Read on….

Having just attended eMetrics, the world will change a lot. If you don’t manage your data you will drown in it. Our Jim Sterne is the data diva? Excellent all around. If you are looking for new client offerings or for internet use its going to be hot for years to come.

See Tom Smart’s keynote and other

presentations. http://www.accelerating.org/slides.html

Link to slides from

Oct 2016 | eMetrics Summit NY (SLIDES) Smart Agents and the Future of Marketing (40 slides). A big picture look at the bright and disruptive future of Smart Agents, for marketers and analysts. We’ll consider the future of values marketing from an agent perspective, and look at opportunities and pitfalls in agent use in eight categories: Consumer Goods and Services, Media and Education, Social, Financial and Productivity, Health, Political, Environmental, and Security Agents. We’ll end with a few action items for analyst ROI with respect to agent tracking and use in the near term.

Want a good jobs board? The digital analytics associations jobs board has ten jobs for every applicant. www.digitalanalyticsassociation.org.

Where technology innovation only happened on desktops, then a laptops, then phones, now iOT, every thing, living or battery operated will have its own DNA for both itself and its actions.

Want to live a stop shelf life get onboard. the laggards live in stearage.


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