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Those who think, think, those who do go to AdTech


AdTech is next week at the Javits Convention Center to NYC.

You go because of who is there. Both the exhibitors and the other attendees. There is budget and an immedicaly to be a first mover. If you have an offering for the adtech community attending is a lot cheaper, faster, and more efficient, then making 20 or more sales calls.

Your customer is there, so should you.
Your compeditor is there, so should you.
Your next job is there, so should you.
Your company’s partner, customer or buyer is there, so should you.

New York is such a big place. The world comes to NYC. There is a cost to Ad-Tech. It removes those from attending who aren’t serious. For your business and your career its both time and money well spent.


Startup World Cup We’ll feature the US debut of the Startup World Cup U.S. regional competition. This is the first ever event of its type, organized by Fenox Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley-based multinational VC firm. You may have seen this release a couple weeks ago.

There will also be a new immersive content area called “Machina.” The folks developing the show for the community really believe brands, marketers, advertisers are only beginning to understand the potential of VR and AR, and MR, so as part of the new ad:tech, they will bring the best of the future of martech to the audience. Some amazing immersive content and presentations by a diverse mix of co’s will be happening here @Machina.

A few quick highlights.

Keynotes with Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategist and member of the Directoire+ of Publicis Groupe, Guy Primus, Co-founder and CEO of The Virtual Reality Company, and Laura Henderson, head of Global Content & Media Monetization at Mondelez International.

Heavy-hitting discussions

Advanced TV

Addressable Advertising


Future of Search and Social Good.

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Hope to see you there.

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